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PATH Partners

Pedestrian Path

PATH is currently being implemented in a variety of ways to create health equity nationwide, and continues to expand its reach with newfound partnerships.  PATH hopes to address the needed shift in how we as health care and public health professionals, approach reproductive health. Rather than claiming that unintended pregnancy is a crisis, we can move forward with the goal of advancing rights through the lens of reproductive justice, ensuring all individuals have the knowledge, access to services, and freedom to decide the number, spacing, and timing of their children.


Catalyze Evaluation. (2022). Developed in partnership with the Women’s Fund of Omaha. Person-centered contraceptive counseling train-the-trainer brief.


"PATH is a simple question that should be routinely asked to all people of reproductive age at every ambulatory visit. When we listen to the patient reflect and respond to PATH, we can move the narrative away from shame and stigma to engagement and empowerment." - Kai Tao, ND, MPH, CNM, ICAN! Principal for Impact and Innovation

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